About Us

NL believes there is a strong connection between mind, body, soul, and the earth. Our vision is to help people improve their lives with quality cannabis products, which are grown and harvested in a socially responsible, sustainable environment. Our brand was formed by the Aardwolf Group which was established for the same reason.

Our position allows us to support and nourish the unique bond between the earth, the growers, the cannabis, and the end consumers. We do this by providing our growers with the best conditions possible to do what they are passionate about, grow cannabis. Our community of customers and growers is one of a kind, and we are privileged to be a part of it. They are our inspiration! Together we help support the well-being of its members, and because of them, we will continuously stay committed to respecting the earth and the people around us.

Our company is owned by Canadians who understand the distinctive needs of both medical cannabis users and growers. We are aware of the concerns the new regulations have raised with many of you, and we assure you we will do everything in our power to maintain extraordinary high quality of products, fair prices, and proud growers.

As one of the pioneers in the medical cannabis industry we pledge to set the tone for the entire industry. Our clients’ safety and anonymity will never be compromised, and growers will always be treated with integrity. We practice fair trade with both our growers and our customers, and we give back through our NLGiveBack program.

We invite you to register with us and join our community.