We understand that the registration process can be overwhelming and complicated at times, which is why we are doing everything we can to simplify this process. Please keep in mind our NLCustomerCare team can be contacted at any time for help and support.

There are 2 ways you can register.

The first is simply by signing up to our community through this registration form (simple name and valid email – verification link to be sent). Once you do, one of our NLCustomerCare representatives will contact you to assist with the rest of the registration process.

Alternatively we have all the required forms you need right here in our registration kit.

  1. NaturaLeaf Medical Document for your doctor to fill out.
  2. NaturaLeaf Registration Form which you fill out.

When you have the completed medical document (filled out and signed by your doctor) and registration form (filled out and signed by you) you can use our free courier pickup or our prepaid mail envelopes and mail them to us.

Once your registration is approved you will gain full access to our online store and will be able to shop according to your prescription. Your package will be sent, with discreet shipping to your home and you will be able to track it at any time.

Feel free to contact our NLCustomerCare team for any type of questions you might have.